"If an angel walks besides me it is because ahead of me is a work that only an angel can do!"

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“A Root Out Of A Dry Ground”

Isaiah 53:2 “A root out of a dry ground.”

This verse applies to Jesus himself and to his Kingdom. It applies to Himself personally and to Himself mystically.

Here is a strange fact.

A root springing up in a fertile field, owes very much to the soil in which it grows.

But Christ does not live because of his surroundings, He makes those to live who are around Him.

He is self contained and self sustained.

He derived nothing from his natural descent. The Davidic family had fallen into obscurity. No crown was treasured among the heirlooms of Joseph; no sceptre lay amongst Mary’s trousseau

He derived nothing from his nationality. The ritualism of the Pharisee, the unbelieving modernism of the Sadducee had corrupted all of Jewish faith and revelation. It was indeed a dry ground out of which Jesus sprang.

He owed nothing to His followers. He might have called a discipleship from men of renown – A Caesar from Rome – a philosopher from Greece – a man of eloquence from the Senate and an orator from the Tribune. But see how He hastens to the fishing boats of old Galilee – “unlearned and ignorant men.”

He is a “root out of dry ground as to the means he has chosen for the growth of his body – the church. The Muslims won their way by the sharp arguments of sword and scimitar.

Give a man a strong arm and a steel sword and he is a fit missionary for Mohammed. But Jesus said put up again your sword into its place!

I find no rubric in scripture that Paul shall robe himself in blue or scarlet – Or that Peter shall wear a surplice. No chanting or groaning was enlisted to foster the growth of the Church, the body of Christ.

The sensuous delights of sound and sight where never enlisted by the Lord.

Our holy religion owes nothing to any carnal means. It is a root out of a dry ground. It is said Christianity commends itself to human nature!

Mohammed prospered because he promised delights to the flesh. Christ did not say: “increase thy physical and lustful delights!” – But “take up thy cross!” Does that run in the same vein as Human Nature?

In Christ’s Day, REVENGE was sung of and preached of! But Jesus said “love your enemies!” –  is that in human nature?

And to know how Jesus loved, let us stand at the foot of the Cross, where the red blood drops are falling in a shower of mercy and hear the prayer of his broken heart: “Father – Forgive them!”