"If an angel walks besides me it is because ahead of me is a work that only an angel can do!"


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The Boy Preacher

On a cold frosty foggy night in 1927, a lad finished his long day’s work at a paper-mill in a grimy Lancashire cotton town. As the other workers headed homeward, or pub-ward, this young man started his journey by foot to a lonely cottage on the moors. A new convert to evangelical Christianity, he had  only recently “given his heart to the Lord.”  For several weeks before, the boy’s mother had taken her family to just about every church in town “searching for the truth,” as she put it. Finally the family found the truth under the fiery preaching of the Welsh evangelist, Stephen Jeffries who was holding meetings in the town.

Every night the boy would walk to the cottage on the moors in order to study the Bible with the old woman who lived there. As she opened the door to welcome him, and referring to the Bible in her hand, she would always exclaim: “It’s alive! It’s alive!” And then they would sit down together at the table and she would teach him the great messages of the Bible.

He had to learn fast because he felt God had called him to preach the Gospel. His hunger for the Word was so intense that within one year he had become a treasury of Bible knowledge. And in his great desire to share the good news with others he was known across the moors as the boy-preacher.

He used to say “If an angel walks besides me it is because ahead of me is a work that only an angel can do!” while others hurried home from work, this lad had been with angels as he walked “alone” across the cold Lancashire moors.

He was sixteen years of age; his name was Stanley Smith. This website is dedicated to this man’s preaching ministry.

The site is still under construction.

We invite those of you who knew Stanley to send us any photos, memories, and thoughts, so we can include them on the website. Thank you.

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